Thursday, August 18, 2016

Germany 2016

Germany is huge, I keep coming back to discover more places and I've spent 15 more days than i usually do in average country. I, however feel Cologne is more like home to me. Thanks to Baity for the home made cook Malaysian dish almost everyday. (I said almost). Also, I have a favourite hang out spot in the evening while waiting for the sunset, overlooking the charming river & magnificent Dom, I'll sit at the big stairways at Rhine Boulevard chatting about life, gossips, boys and random things with my favourite girlfriend. The air and atmosphere seems to get me; and if I'm lucky, these youngsters will put on some hit songs as a background while we chill. (Most often than not is always hip hop or rap songs).

Anyway, that was Cologne. I then find myself in  Hamburg (after I tried to escape my lunatic airbnb host in Brussels to tried to make a move on me. He tried to kiss me multiple times and he lifted me up and litterally carried me to the room, until i pushed him away and firmly told him to stop, wth was he thinking? I was a guest, idiot... and he is married, so gross! The room hasn't had any lock, so i had to leave ASAP). Hamburg welcomed me with a gay pride parade festival. The whole day from morning to evening the roads were closed for the parade. Amazing people dressing up in costumes and dresses (even the guys) to express their support on LGBT, there's also sign saying 'some of us are muslims and queer, deal with it', gays and lesbians kissing each other so openly without the need to feel fear or embarassment. I obviously don't  condone to this idea, especially when two good looking guys literally made out in front of me in the train. I don't have anything against it, people choose whatever they wanna choose, there's entirely up to them... but the whole openly proud admitting they're gay is just so new to me. On the same day, they had a similar parade in Amsterdam where Adriaan sent me some photos and videos of the canal parade celebrating & supporting LGBT. Well, it's not my place to say, but i did some sight seeing in Hamburg the day after.

Frankfurt was my fourth stop in Germany, meet up with Thomas (who i first met in New York in June this year). We were both traveling solo and was just taking advantage to capture photos of each other. We then became friends and keep in touch via facebook. Thomas bought me lunch at a rooftop bar/restaurant that has the view of Frankfurt city center. The view is absolutely (goes without saying) Spectacular. He then brought me to a huge bookstore nearby to look at some map in Germany. That bookstore could probably be my favourite spot, but i spent more time at the park near the river in front of the Dom addictively reading 'The Single Games' by Lauren Weisberg, same author of Devils Wear Prada. Finished the book in 4 consecutive days. That's it, I'm buying all her books. The park was the same area Frankfurt had welcomed me with a fun fair. The rides were almost trying to murder people, so many antique and unique stuff sold there, i bought a wristband with Schweinsteiger's name on a Germany flag colour cater just for me. There's also all the delicious food i complaint about that had kissed my diet fat ass goodbye.

My next stop was Freiburg, the place everyone recommended me to go. I had a list of things I wanted to do (since everyone who recommended wasn't specific enough on what really their recommendations were). I shared my list with Thomas and some of the them he had experienced before when he was cycling around Freiburg. Some of the things include another Toboggan Run in Steinwasen Park, hiking up Feldberg from Seebuck, quick visit to lake Titisee, and witness the highest waterfall in Germany in Triberg. My days in Freiburg were obviously not enough, woke up every morning to chase these plan I had in my list (while 20 other things are begging to get in those list). I definitely had to come back.

Arrived in Cologne again just on time to do my laundry, and had a Malaysian home cooked food again. This time Baity and I went out for breakfast, and none of us took the house key with us. We practically made the best of our strandred out of house situation. Bought a book at the store and went to the park to do some reading, sleeping and chilling. Weather was wonderful and the whole day was well spent. We went to Lars place in the evening to crash his house (while waiting for Yohanes to send the key which will only arrive the next noon). Had fun watching the Germany semi-finals for the Olympic 2016. Waiting for Max Meyer to enter the national team above 21 years old so i could cheer for him (hopefully by then he will retain his position as the attacking midfielder and continue Schweinsteiger legacy). Speaking of Schweinsteiger, i got a whole bunch of presents with his picture and autographs on it. Thanking Lars & Susan for being the absolute best!

Gtg. Need to do some packing now, heading of to Lyon tomorrow. XO