Friday, September 9, 2016

Love-Hate Relationship

In my head I've murdered you a thousand times, but in my heart I care and worried about you all the time. 

See the thing about you is that you get me. You know my breakfast time, you know when i buy mineral water i have to transfer it to my water bottle, you look at the menu and you know exactly what i was about to order, you know my drinks and how many glasses i can take, you know i don't pay for trams and all those things you learn't about me without having me to expressly tell you. 

But the thing is, i get you too. I know you get upset when you pay for overpriced food, i know your favourite beer, i know when you get grumpy and/or depressed, i know you're afraid of heights and you wanna overcome that, i know you like showing off your accent when you're around hot girls, i know you're trying to stay healthy and lose some weight. I know when you need water, i know when you need your sun screen, i know you like swimming anywhere and anytime.

The thing i don't get it is why we are not treating each other right? Why are we on each other's throat? Do you think we are not treating each other right simply because we don't want to? 

I have to admit i enjoyed my time with you. The skinny dipping, the overnight busses waking up in a whole new city, the parties and exploring nightlife of different places, the sunset and beaches. It was fun while it lasted. But it's time to say goodbye.

I realized that I spent a whole year being obsessed with a guy who is not even my type. I'm done.