Friday, March 10, 2017

Norway has gotta be the best country I've ever visited

5 months back from traveling and I'm still not over it, quite the period to have a post-holiday fever. But yea, i am the difficult type to move on.

I was going through my photos and it reminded me of how beautiful the journey to Odda was from Oslo. I've arrived in Oslo, Norway from Stockholm, Sweden. 6 days in the city was too long for me, so i booked a bus to go to Odda, Norway, which was 7 hours away, but boy, the journey was beautiful. Never had i regretted a moment there, in fact, i wish i could stayed longer.

I had small ambition to climb Mount Trolltunga (about 12 hours hike but with an amazing view), apparently the weather wasn't kind enough, and i wasn't prepared with a proper hiking attire. I took a walk around the town as i was contemplating on weather to buy proper hiking gear, at the same time , Norway was my second last country before i return home, and the 5th expensive country in Europe i was spending my money on, so, basically i wasn't as rich to be in a position to shop at that particular moment.

So I forgot about my small ambition and saved it for another day. I met with Sophie, my airbnb owner who is sweet, accommodating and thoughtful. Since I wasn't able to climb Mount Trolltunga, she took me for a short hike nearby called Lilletopp Tyssedal. We also brought her daughter and her neighbour along, they were really adorable.

The view back to Oslo from Odda was breathtaking, I will definitely come back, meantime, I'll just droll over all the photos and videos i have. Xx

Excited me when i was having a morning hike in Oslo

One of the waterfalls I fell in love with, watch movie to view better

Typical Nordic houses in Odda

Upon arriving the small town

Credit to Sophie for making me look fat

The first place i visit nearby the current hydroelectric power station

There are stunning views of the glacier and Sørfjorden from here. The breathtaking view of Sørfjorden and Folgefonna is an added bonus.

My favourite photo with a favourite smile

Adorable children drawing the nature

Selfie me, again

The "infamous" waterfall over the road, watch the video for better view

On my way home to Odda

Glacier under the sun

End of Summer, Spring is coming

My favourite shot
Check out the video here:-